“I have trained with Max on numerous occasions and he is a very professional trainer” – Bobby Thatcher, ex British Olympic Rower

“Thoroughly professional and each week was different. It was the fittest i had been for 3 years. Never for one second did i feel bullied, i know it shouldnt be fun but it was. Punctual, dedicated and friendly, i couldn’t recommend him higher” – Tom McCall, Senior Broker

“Max was incredibly fun to work with which made the evening exercise commitment much less duanting than it usually is. On top of that he knew just ho hard to push me which, along with a great variety of exercises, made the most out of our sessions together” – Nick Cookson, Property Consultant

  • Max offers a FREE CONSULTATION to every client. If you dont feel happy, you can just walk away.
  • m.07788138634 e.max@maxjohnson.co
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