Hello and welcome to Max Johnson Personal Training! Max offers a host of exclusive Personal Training services in North Yorkshire and around the York area. He is a highly motivated individual that offers One to One and Group personal training sessions at a time and place that suits you! Whether it be at your home, work or in a nearby park maybe. Max’s energy, versatility and ability to think outside the box makes this all possible.

As a Personal Trainer, Max understands that the key to sucessfully achieving your goals is being there every step of the way and helping you staying motivated. Whether you are looking to:

  • Reduce Body Fat
  • Build Muscle
  • Tone Up
  • Improving Fitness
  • Overall Well Being,
  • Training for a particular Sport
  • Postural Improvement

… he realises that every client is unique and requires a different programme designed in mind for them.

Your Personal Training sessions will integrate a wide range of training disciplines and approaches to ensure that your workouts are made enjoyable and continually challenging to your body. Max Johnson personal training offer’s you a FREE CONSULTATION, to give you the chance to meet Max and discuss your goals and objectives with him. Only then and providing you are happy will Max start devising a training plan best suited to you.

  • Max offers a FREE CONSULTATION to every client. If you dont feel happy, you can just walk away.
  • m.07788138634 e.max@maxjohnson.co
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